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*Assessing organ architecture and structure
*Masses or neoplasia
*Foreign body detection
*Assessing fluid in peritoneal, retroperitoneal, pericardial or pleural space
*Cardiac function and characterization of cardiac disease
*Assessing choleliths or uroliths
*Assistance with fine needle aspirates or guided biopsy of soft tissue

Our team at the Collin County Veterinary Imaging Center strives to bring the latest
imaging technology to your diagnostic team in order to give your patients the best
options for diagnosis and care. At our imaging center each patient is considered and treated as a member of our own family.

​CT Scan

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*Nasal/sinus disease- helps differentiate neoplasia from rhinitis and guides biopsy
*Middle/inner ear evaluation- determines the need for bulla osteotomy
*Skull trauma- increased sensitivity for fracture identification and brain hemorrhage
*Elbows- allows for diagnosis of MCP fragments
*Evaluate for lumbosacral disc herniation/ degeneration
*Thoracic met checks- more sensitive than radiographs
*Evaluate mediastinal and lung masses- surgical planning by evaluating the extent of vascular invasion
*Evaluate for pituitary macroadenomas- present in ~10% of PDH cases
*Ureter Evaluation- diagnosis of ectopic ureters and ureteral stones


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